KVHP FOX29 Proudly Serves Southwest Louisiana

On September 21, 2017, DirecTV dropped KVHP from their lineup. This disruption in service was the last thing we wanted…in fact, our parent company offered extensions to DirecTV with the intention of getting a deal done without any impact on viewers like you.

We are so proud of our commitment to you and our community. Which is why it’s so hard for us to be disconnected from everyone who watches us on the DirecTV system.

It’s a little like David and Goliath. Our parent company wants to get a deal done, but we’re a group of just 7 local television stations up against a huge multi media conglomerate. And DIRECTV seems unwilling to negotiate fairly with smaller station groups like ours. For example, they recently kept a small, 2-station group off their line up for more than 5 weeks. http://www.dispatch.com/news/20171013/wbns-tv-10-is-back-on-directv-and-atampt-u-verse

We do not feel it is right for us to give away our programming to a company that then packages it with other services and equipment and resells it to make large profits.

The relationship we have with our viewers is very valuable, and we continue to work on an agreement with DirecTV to allow us back on their lineup. More importantly, we want to make sure you get everything you pay for when you send DirecTV your money every month.


Send a message to DirecTV – tell them you want your local channel back on their system…and you want a rebate.

If they won’t listen, consider making a switch – here are some other local providers:

SuddenLink        877-794-2724

Vyve                      855-367-8983


KVHP FOX29 continues its commitment to serving the needs of Southwest Louisiana through new partnerships and programming. Whether you catch us on your tv, keep up to date with us online, or find us on your phone, FOX29 brings our local communities the latest in news, weather and entertainment.  In the past year we’ve launched a 9pm news show, and a new 2 hour morning show. FOX29 also supports our local college with special events and programming. FOX29 continues to grow with our community, filling the need for up to the minute local news, and top notch entertainment.